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Our latest views and opinions on industry trends and developments


With over 50% of British shoppers now buying from Amazon at least once a month, brands must develop an Amazon strategy to maximise the opportunity

Voice commerce is coming and with a projected market value of over £3bn in just four years, retailers need to sit up and pay attention

We believe that foodservice retailers can learn a lot from their high street colleagues to attract and retain more of their customers and ensure they come out on top

There is no doubt that this year has been a disruptive year for retail, but the amount of change is on a similar scale to past periods of disruption. Retailers need to adapt to avoid becoming redundant

How to combine improving processes and scheduling labour to fund the wage hike

Just as eCommerce has proved a game changer for retail, we believe Smartphones will do the same

How to design the Operating Model to support your business and get everyone lined up to deliver it

How to understand where retail will end up, and what we should do now as a consequence

How to optimise labour in stores whilst improving processes along the way

How to learn from the past and go overseas in a smarter way

How to insightfully take cost out of your business, and make sure it doesn’t creep back in

What does the customer demand from the travel company of the future?

How stores will change as retailers embrace internet technologies in the next 5 years

The Untapped Opportunity for Retailers

Why brands and manufacturers should consider going direct to consumer

How to develop the right planfor improving your business, and get everyone lined up to deliver it

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Mergers & Acquisitions are on the rise, but what's the strategy behind the recent spate of deals in the retail industry and is it working?

Retailers need to understand how current end-to-end operations are performing, identify opportunities to save money and in turn learn where to re-invest...

AI will be a truly disruptive force in retail in the next 5-10 years. If you aren’t already using AI in your business you should get it on the agenda immediately

Investing as little as 0.5% of your programme’s budget on an independent assessment of progress and options for the future will pay back multiple times over

It is undoubted that Brexit has created trying times, but it might provide the incentive your business needs to make improvements

Discounters have disrupted the retail market for good, but what does this mean for traditiona lretailers? 

Meet Zen! He's frustrated with how booking a holiday is long and uninspiring. See how he walks through PatelMiller's vision on the future of travel

How sustainability trends can create opportunities in the retail and consumer-facing marketplace

Redefining the customer journey will allow retailers to maximise the value of the mobile opportunity

How to leverage customer contacts to drive benefits for your customers, colleagues and the business

Why online retailers are looking to build physical presence

How to achieve higher sales and profit from your existing store space

How to drive change at a time when making change happen is more important than ever

How to dramatically improve your proposition while significantly reducing operating costs

Will Retailers Go the Way of Wholesalers?

How to make your Programme Management more effective and relevant

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