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Lean Operations

Improving how your business runs across organisation, processes and technology – including applying lean six sigma to drive improvements

We help clients ensure they have the right operating model to support and enhance their strategy. We take a pragmatic approach to operating model design, from creating a high level framework to driving out the detail of your processes. We also map out the right roles and technology to support your operation, and work with you to to create a practical roadmap for change.


PatelMiller has developed a proven and pragmatic method for designing the right Operating Model and transitioning to it, whilst ensuring business continuity and delivery of the full benefits. The key elements to our approach are:


1)  We start by assessing how well existing capabilities support or limit your business and prioritise the ones that must be enhanced or developed to deliver your new strategy or change programme

2)  Based on a set of key design principles, we then construct options for the high level Target Operating Model and select the option that best delivers the distinctive capabilities, is affordable and can be delivered within the given timeframe. This is supported with a high level business case


3)  We prioritise the important changes needed, and work with you to build a Target Operating Model to a lower level of detail, including:

- Processes: activities, flows, owners

- People: structure, skills, culture, governance, rewards, locations

- Technology: systems, data, architecture, infrastructure


4)  We set out simple steps to get there, balancing speed, risk and investment. Importantly at this stage, we quantify the benefits – both financial and operational – with clear before and after measures

5)  Finally, we ensure the right skills are available and help run programmes of change to deliver the new Operating Model

When it comes to process improvement, we apply or tried and tested Lean Six Sigma methodology. The result is an outcome that is better for your customers, easier for your colleagues and cheaper for your business.


Lean Six Sigma


Lean Six Sigma is a proven package of tools and techniques that share a common aim: to dramatically improve your operational efficiency.  We have refined and tailored the Lean Six Sigma package specifically for retail and consumer-facing businesses, focusing on areas that matter most – development of robust, quantifiable performance measures and sustainable improvements that can be maintained by internal employees.  

- Lean is about becoming more simple and efficient through removing waste (re-work, defects, set-up times, etc) from your processes and ways of working.

- Six Sigma is about cutting variability from your products and services (eg. becoming more consistent in how long it takes to build a product range, or deliver product to a customer).

Our method is based on the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC process, which is equally applicable in both head office functions and operations. From human resources and finance, to store operations and distribution, it provides a quantifiable view of how your business runs, allowing initial step changes and continuing improvements.

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